Lightning Designer profession

Singapore Skyline Raffles PlaceDeclaration of the Official Establishment of the Architectural Lighting Design Profession

Adopted and proclaimed by the plenary session of the Professional Lighting Design Convention, in London, UK, on October 27, 2007

On October 27, 2007 the plenary session of the PLDC (the Professional Lighting Design Convention) adopted and proclaimed the Declaration of the Official Establishment of the Architectural Lighting Design Profession, the full contents of which appears in the following text. Following this historic act, the plenary session calls upon all lighting and lighting related  associations, organizations and publications to publicize the text of the Declaration and to “cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded in international, national and local government circles, in all official educational authorities, in schools of various design, architectural and engineering disciplines and among the memberships of the same associations and organizations.


Whereas the special qualities, knowledge, know-how, expertise and experience constitute the foundation of the profession; Whereas the understanding of light, lighting, its tools, its control and manipulation have become very complex and multifaceted; Whereas the impact of light on human beings is known today to have many more ramifications than just the visual/perceptual one, intricate as that alone may be; Whereas the responsibilities of those dealing with designing and specifying lighting for the human environment have become very significant; Therefore, the Plenary Session of the Professional Lighting Design Convention proclaims the Declaration of the Official Establishment of the Architectural Lighting Design Profession a fact to be officialised by individual governments and by all international bodies dealing with the recognition of professions and independent disciplines.

Article 1 Lighting Design is the art and science of lighting the human environment. Lighting Designers are the professionals who have the ability to apply that art and science to projects thus helping these to successful conclusions.

Article 2 Lighting Design is a profession and a discipline distinct from all others in the fields of Architecture, Interior design, Landscape design, Urban design as well as Electrical engineering.

Article 3 Lighting designers are part of the Design chain of an architectural project. They cooperate and coordinate their work with all other relevant disciplines on a same project to ensure its holistic success.

Article 4 Lighting designers are responsible for the design of part of the human environment and in extension, responsible for the appearance of their design and of its impact on the design of others, the well-being of people using the designed spaces, their appropriate feeling in it, their efficiency in carrying-out the visual tasks, their safety and security, all of these within the limitations of the influence of the designed lighting on the space and its users or on the lit objects and their viewers.

Article 5 Lighting designers are accountable for the sustainability of their design.

Article 6 Lighting designers are not part of the chain of supply of a project. Nevertheless, they have a very strong link to it. Lighting designers cooperate with the different players in that chain, manufacturers, contractors, agents, representatives and installers within the strict limitations of their code of ethics, for the benefit of the the end-user, the client, and the project as a whole.

Article 7 Lighting Design has all attributes required for its official recognition: It is taught at academic level, it has a critical mass of practicing professionals, it has its codes of deontology and professional practice.